Billing Brook Lakes

Progress being made on £400,000 Northamptonshire Conservation Project

The latest phase of a long-awaited environmental project in East Northampton is now complete.

Kingfisher, Cygnet and Dragonfly Lakes along Billing Brook have been re-shaped as part of a ‘lakes sustainability project’, creating new wetland habitats, reed beds and islands for additional wildlife, along the way.

This previously picturesque setting which runs through Lings, Lumbertubs and Thorplands estates,
has unfortunately become one that is littered with waste and pollutants causing water levels to drop, adding to silting and stagnation problems that have become inherent at the site.

However, the destination has been restored back to its former glory following a collaborative investment of £80,000 from Northampton Borough Council, the Environment Agency, local charity Growing Together, the National Lottery Community Fund and the Mick George Community Fund.

Having dredged the three lakes in question, the new lake design is deeper, narrower and faster-flowing than ever before.

Silt has been positioned behind barriers to form new wetland margins and islands, wildflowers have been planted to increase biodiversity, and new reed beds at the top of Cygnet Lakes have been installed to filter the water coming downstream from Kingfisher Lake.

Peter Strachan, Local Programme Co-Ordinator at Growing Together Northampton said: ‘’The lake has been totally transformed. Birdlife is returning and waterflow is dramatically increasing, while a recent industrial pollution incident flushed through quickly with minimal damage. Community feedback has been very positive.’’

Allowing for settlement, a Community Day is being planned in the Spring of 2020 to officially unveil the project.

Additional funding has recently been granted for further enhancements, with aquatic planting and fish-restocking listed within the plans.

Billing Brook Lakes

They said:

Stuart Costello, Marketing Director at the Mick George Group commented: ‘’As a business that operates from numerous sites, whereby the landscape is forever changing, we recognise the ecological value of preserving such environments. To assist in improving the condition of this particular location is something we’re pleased to be involved with.’’